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My neighbor Mike has a wonderful sense of humor. One Saturday morning at 0-DawnThirty we heard a loud noise from the drive and felt a little shudder run through the foundation. Mike decided to 'drop-off' a little gift of a 200-pound 16' piece of Brazillian Cherry that he'd found while cleaning out a bay of his Electrician's business.

It was as twisty as a mountain switch-back with plenty of checks and torsion cracks. It was also quite weathered with paint-stains and home to quite a few bugs in the bargain, . . . Yikes!

Illie had always wanted a bench for our front porch. It seemed fitting to send this ol' piece of tree back out into the weather. And since it had apparently survived so long on its own it should do very well outside.

Scavenging the straightest slabs and chunking it down into usable sections left little length for a wide-legged stance. So, copper tubing spans the legs, providing stability as well as interest, . . . Should have strung them together with wiring to celebrate Mike's profession!

Thanks, Mike, . . . we appreciate your gift!  

66" x 14" x 19"



Sometimes, you've just got to believe that there's a good heart within that rough old exterior.



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