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My explorations in wood grew from a compulsion to build by hand. What began as an appreciation for the texture and grain of hardwoods has grown into handcrafted structures that express the valued relationships and adventures of life.

Initially grounded in the spare elegance of Shaker influences, my work has evolved in directions that reflect the warmth, humor and surprise of life’s journey. These works are intended for life. Not as works of art, but as companions, to accept the dings and bruises that we acquire as we move through life, enduring,... and acquiring a patina that speaks of the journey we've enjoyed.

Each piece begins with pencil sketches as design studies, working through proportions and design elements to develop an integrated vision of the final piece. I explore the structural alternatives, working at scale through the joinery details required to develop strength and a balanced stability to absorb the natural seasonal movements of wood.

The challenge lies in integrating expressive forms with the structural integrity of traditional hand-worked joinery. The mating of complementary grain textures of tropical and domestic hardwoods provides details of artistry which are completed by the application of hand rubbed natural finishes, . . . Made by hand.

- Dale Raymond -


One of twoBox, One-of-Two
Leopardwood, Rosewood handle

Bananna tree
Bananna Tree, Maple & Cherry

Lacewood & Rosewood

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